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Help stop abortion.

We are committed to winning the battle, not losing it as slowly as possible.


That’s why the National Right to Life Committee of Canada (NRLCC) was founded.

We have developed a detailed, proactive approach to pro-life advocacy that can turn the tide, and protect and restore the rights of our most vulnerable: the unborn.

The NRLCC has created the following plan:

  • Build a comprehensive network of identified pro-life supporters and advocates who will not only vote for pro-life candidates, but actively campaign for them;
  • Launch a state-of-the-art online advocacy initiative, including petitions, blogs, e-mail, and social media;
  • Engage in Grassroots Political Advocacy, by activating pro-life activists and supporters to engage their local candidates in all stages of the public policy process;
  • Provide Political Grassroots Training and Resources across the country, helping local pro-life advocates and candidates to learn crucial organizing techniques.

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